commercial faucet
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commercial faucet
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Research Before Buying Commercial Faucets

A good quality commercial kitchen faucet will stand up to the rigors of daily usage. You will find these particular faucets located in such institutions as restaurants, hotels and nursing homes. Actually, you can find them in any kitchen setting where a lot of cooking and preparation takes place.

A commercial kitchen faucet should have such features as an aerator, which will control the water flow. It should have infrared sensors for on and off controls to save energy. It will also help set the water temperature. These faucets should also feature an adjustable nozzle to allow for effective sterilization and cleaning.

An ideal commercial kitchen faucet will have a vacuum breaker designed to stop the backflow of water. If you are serious about your industrial kitchen, then your kitchen faucets should feature most or all of these particular functions.

An investment in a commercial kitchen faucet is not to be taken lightly. Having an inferior product can hinder the performance of a busy kitchen. These faucets are not cheap you will be spending much more than a standard kitchen faucet. However, they are worth the money, so spend wisely and do your research.

There are several excellent commercial kitchen faucets on the market today. Many of the top names in faucets have their own lines of these of heavy-duty kitchen faucets.

A good quality commercial kitchen faucet would be made of stainless steel so that it will not rust or corrode. The following companies make some of the more popular brands of these particular faucets:

  • Grohe SilkMove
  • Moen Commercial Single Handle
  • Blanco Master Gourmet Commercial Kitchen Faucet

These are some of the better options based on research done on commercial kitchen faucets. However, you do not need to limit your search to these models. Just make sure you do your homework before making a purchase.