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commercial faucet
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After-sale is the most important key to sanitary ware

Sanitary ware with its beautiful appearance, and use features, is quietly entered the household, but the sanitary ware (toilets, stylish bathroom cabinet, hardware, shower, etc.) is a relatively complex product, with quite a mixed bag toiletries industry, sanitary industry there is no clear industry standard, so it is difficult to protect the interests of consumers. Therefore, service has become the most concerns of consumers, but also a magic weapon for enterprises to improve competitiveness.

Any commodity, in the consumer use, more or less will have some problems, the aging of components, the use of the inadvertently damage, all would give users some inconvenience. The production of sanitary ware how to product, how to combinate of multiple parts processing, how to design, how to product, usually takes 20-35 days, or even longer. Fashion bathroom cabinet, hardware, the performance of toilet and other sanitary products depends not only on the quality of the product itself, but also with the installation process, use of a great relationship. As a commodity, sanitary products has its inevitable drawbacks: the separation of wet and dry conditions, improper maintenance of the course, etc., are easy to produce sanitary products, such as table color, fracture, hinge from the and so on. Therefore, the sale is not hard to understand the situation more complicated. Faced with complex problems, if u don't have a good after-sale protection, consumer rights protection can be described as empty talk.